Birds on the edge of Hotel Les Palétuviers's outdoor swimming pool


Les Palétuviers is a love child of Europe and Africa. Les Palétuviers roars like a whirlwind of pure air, turbulent natural beauty and a zest for life. An elegant storm blowing right through your soul. Refreshing.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
Trees on an island in the Saloum Delta near Hotel Les Palétuviers


The Sine Saloum Delta skips all the western steps of superficiality and speaks directly to your instincts. It immediately makes you put everything into perspective. Time slows down. And that alone… that is luxury.


Your soul does not need to wear shoes here. It strolls barefoot over the delicious African soil. Les Palétuviers is a very powerful experience in an iconic setting.

A banana with shrimps and cutlery on a table in the restaurant of Hotel Les Palétuviers

The short chain

We lift the traditional Teranga – classic Senegalese hospitality – to a new, hip level. A Teranga experience like this only exists in this magnificent bay. We believe in ‘the short chain’. For nature, animals and people alike.


We also offer only a pure kitchen, and that means delicious fusion food daily with ingredients that have travelled zero km. The hotel is connected to the village in every way. We love each other, and we work together daily. Take a deep breath; our bay is known as the green lung of Senegal. Zero contamination.

Froefroe umbrellas and trees along the pool of Hotel Les Palétuviers


We believe that a beautiful African landscape deserves nothing less than high-class design. Froefroe parasols, Auping beds, linen from Denmark and colourful Moroso designer chairs are the treats a healthy diet needs. Minimalist European brand design with a wonderful African vibe.


A stay brings you in sync with yourself.