Owner Karolien Pieters in a boat with her employees on the water near boutique hotel Les Paletuviers

Our Story

The story of Les Palétuviers is a love story. That of a family and the Saloum Delta.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
Jean Pierre Pieters stands in front of the Hotel Les Palétuviers complex

Love at first sight

It is in 1995 that Jean Pierre Pieters discovered Senegal as a tourist. He fell for the exceptional nature and the warm population. It is love at first sight, and he decides to take over a hunting camp in the most beautiful bay of the Sine Saloum Delta.


He fights through all the challenges, gaining the friendship and respect of the inhabitants of the bay, and a few years later, the campsite has become a charming hotel: Les Palétuviers. Jean Pierre wanted to provide a window into the real Senegal for people from all over the world.

A red chair, a green chair and a set table with a plate with a hamburger and chips in the restaurant of Hotel Les Palétuviers

The best of both worlds

Jean Pierre died in 2006, but his love story continues to grow. Karolien, bitten by the same love bug, decided to continue her father’s work.


Karolien stands for responsible and sustainable tourism in full harmony with the local population and nature. The woman from Ghent went to live in Toubacouta and learned the codes and traditions there. She brings together her European background and African culture in a beautiful balance. The hotel thus breathes the best of both worlds.

Hotel Les Palétuviers located directly on the Saloum Delta

Luxurious oasis

The hotel is a luxurious oasis of experiences, and Jean Pierre’s window into the real Senegal is now a breath-taking 360° panorama.


Experience it.