Cabins and a palmtree at the beach of Plage d'Or

Golden Beach

Plage d’Or is a gorgeous sandy beach. It is a hidden lagoon. A delightful bank on the Atlantic Ocean that you can enjoy for a day and a night in an intimate, private setting. You rejuvenate in a captivating rhythm that is marked by the shining sun and thousands of stars.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
The sun going under at Plage d'Or

Oil lamps and dolphins

It is a remote and wild place. And yet you are also pampered at the table. A table surrounded by oil lamps and dolphins. You enjoy oysters straight out of the delta, while your private chef prepares a freshly caught fish on the barbecue. And the spectacular sunset is an amazing finishing touch.

Bungalows of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers at Plage d'Or

Plage d’Or Syndrome

Plage d’Or feels as though you have kidnapped away from civilization. You are certain to fall in love with your kidnapper: we call that the Plage d’Or Syndrome.


The place people dream (of)