A helicopter on a sandy path near the resort

How to get here

You can make the transfer by road, by helicopter and by plane.

The logo of Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers
A colored car in front of a wall with the logo of Hotel Les Palétuviers on it

Transfer by road

Use our air conditioned transfer service from Dakar or Banjul airports. Our 3 drivers will bring you safely to the hotel at any time of the day or night.


Price round trip
1 person: €150,-
2 persons: €290,-
Additional adult from the same group: €75,-
Additional children from the same group: €40,-

n airplane lands on the hard shoulder next to the Hotel Les Palétuviers site

Transfer by plane

Use our plane transfer service from Dakar airport, arrival in Kaolac and transfer in air conditioned shuttles.
Price round trip: Please consult us for the prices.


€588,- per person for at least 3 persons
€538,- per person for at least 5 persons
€350,- per person for at least 12 persons