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A customized trip, where we offer all at once all the specificities and treasures of Senegal
A team by your side from beginning to end, handling your arrival and departures from the airport and assisting you for your activities during your stay.
A calm and luxurious oasis in the middle of the African bush
A holiday close to nature, in harmony with a region and its population
Smiles and attention, our key words

The philosophy of Les Paletuviers is to offer you more than a regular hotel stay: we want you to experience an enriching human adventure, with personalized service and constant attention to make your stay here an unforgettable one.

At Les Paletuviers, picture yourself in an environment where luxury translates into freedom, space and tranquility. Freedom to fulfill your desires, space in separate accommodation to preserve your privacy and tranquility to let yourself forget about everything as you enjoy the oh-so-special light of the Saloum Delta.

We will take you on an adventure, an exclusive one, that will make you travel differently, mixing modernity and the soul of one of the world’s most beautiful boutique hotels, the respect for local culture and tradition with a warm welcome for all our guests.

Our commitment:

We will help you to live your dream vacation: are you a fan of adventure? Looking for tranquility? Seeking to reconnect with nature? Want a stay to practice sports? Going on family holiday or traveling as a couple? We will adapt our offer to your wishes.
We will provide highly quality and custom-made services: we can offer you, among others, a VIP plane transfer, an special event celebration, a local fish for dinner at sunset or a relaxing massage at the very end of our pontoon. Everything is possible at Les Paletuviers.
We will give you the experience of the African bush with maximum comfort. The hotel ground is equipped with the latest facilities and is composed of refined accommodation. It is the ideal setting to enjoy the beauty of the Delta.
You can feast with our fusion cuisine, international dishes with a hint of Senegalese flavors.
You will get to live in harmony and share with local people : discovering the country of Teranga and its exciting culture through the eyes of its inhabitants is possible thanks to our close links with the inhabitants of the village of Toubacouta.

At Les Paletuviers, everything is taken care of, and everything is made possible to realize a dream… yours!