Les Paletuviers is a love story between a country, Senegal, its region, the Saloum Delta and a family, the Pieters.

In 1995, Jean-Pierre Peters discovers Senegal as a tourist. Much like many visitors who get to know the country by chance or by dream, he immediately fell in love with this beautiful country, its stunning environment and its warm people. He thus decided to by a parcel to realize a dream, building a camp there.

A year after his purchase, the small camp has transformed into a very nice and charming family hotel. Developed in harmony with the gorgeous region of Saloum – probably one of the most beautiful bays of Senegal – and also with the inhabitants of the neighboring village, Toubacouta, while offering all necessary amenities: Les Paletuviers was born.

In 2010, Karolien, his eldest daughter, decided to revive her father’s dream, a few years after he passed away. An entrepreneur in mind, she left her native Belgium for Senegal, and made her priority to offer visitors who stay at Les Paletuviers a luxurious stay as they discover the beauty of the country of Teranga.

A few years later, her rational decision to keep intact the legacy of her parents has turned into an emotional affair. Much like her father, Karolien has fallen in love with Senegal, and its luscious Saloum Delta. Today, she cannot imagine herself living anywhere else. In her words, her true desire is to keep on discovering all the hidden treasures of the region.

She has gradually been exploring the incredible tourism potential of the region, learning its codes and secrets. In the meantime, she has also decided to help Les Paletuviers enter fully in the 21st century, combining a modern offer, anchored around sustainability with respect for local traditions. As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Les Paletuviers is a hotel with a soul, fully oriented towards preserving the Delta, promoting responsible luxury tourism in harmony with the hotel’s natural and social environments.

Travelers get to experience more than just a visit, but make a lifetime journey with us through a unique and unforgettable experience.

Last but not least, welcome to Les Paletuviers. Come live with us a unique adventure, and discover an oasis of beauty where everything is possible.

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