Top Five : The 5 favorite excursions of our clients

Day at the Golden beach : ★

The magnificent Golden Beach is located on the edge of the ocean in the National Park of Saloum.

Bird watching, along the way, harvesting and tasting of oysters (August -> sept).

Visit the village of Djinack fishermen.



Night at the Golden beach : ★★

Unique !! Go for 2 days, 1 night in our Golden Beach with your own chef and a server. Bungalow on the beach, oil lamps, campfire. If you catch a fish, the chef prepares it.


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Birds sanctuary Island : ★ ★

Visit the island aux coquillages and the birds’s resting place. UNESCO’s center of interest and the most beautiful bays in the world.



Half day fishing (3 hours) : ★

Bait shrimp, rapalas and fishing rod are included..


Lions walk : ★

Walk with lions, king of the forest ! only four places in the world offers this amazing experience.

lion big pet LP


Walking :

Cultural walk :

Cultural walk in Toubacouta, visit to a health care center, maternity, school, mosque and
many other professions.



Birds watching walk :

By foot to Sangako. You’d observed the abundant diversity of birdlife along village mangroves and baobab forest


4×4 / Camion (LAND) :

Missirah : Fisherman village ★

By 4WD, visit to the fisherman village of Missirah and to the silk-cotton tree of 1000 years old.



Weekly market :

Walk into a louma, african weekly market.
Among shinny colors and different sounds, everything is for sell, from beef to horse, from fabrics to cereals.

african faces 2 LP


Drink and eat with senegalese :

Buy and prepare the meal with local people. Experience the tea ceremony, the Senegalese cuisine and customs in the village of Toubacouta .


Live like a senegalese (new 2015) :

For a day and a night , you are a senegalese in a Senegalese family . Another unique and unforgettable experience, of local life


Birwatching safari :

Early departure to Djikoye , half savanna , forest, freshwater oasis .

We climb the palmyra :
Rendezvous with Moussa, who climbs the palmyra with his machete . Palm wine tasting.


Boat / Proa (WATER) :

Sipo’s Queen :

An island, a typical fishing village ruled by a queen. Different populations , ethnic groups and religions live together in perfect harmony and solidarity.


Birds sanctuary Island at sunset ★ (new 2015) :

Visit the birds sanctuary island on sunset, an amazing experience of adventure in the laguna in the dark and bird watching.


Bird island :

Early morning bird watching towards the Atlantic Ocean . Landing at Bétenti and walk.


Fishing :

Half day fishing (3 hours) : ★

Bait shrimp, rapalas and fishing rod are included..


One day fishing (6 hours) : ★

Bait shrimp, rapalas and fishing rod are included..


Fishing with locals fishermen (new 2015) :

Go on the laguna with locals fishermen on their own proa, before sunrise, or at sunset according to the tide. Just watch or experience the fishing with them, it’s up to you.


Fathala Park :

Safari :

Safari in Fathala park with wild animals.


Night safari (new 2015) :

Safari in Fathala park with wild animals with lights.


Combination : ★

Lions walk + Safari in fathala park.