Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Ever since Les Paletuviers first opened its doors, the principles of responsible tourism and fair tourism have guided its development.

A true pioneer in the field, the values and stakes raised by this new form of tourism is part of our DNA.

At Les Paletuviers, we have been thinking since day one that the hotel could only grow with the joint development of populations living nearby and its host region. We also aim to tackle, at our scale, major issues of the 21st century such as the fight against climate change, the protection biodiversity and fragile environments and the fight against human rights abuses.

Similarly, we aim to enable local people to truly benefit from tourism from a socioeconomic standpoint. We develop our activities in collaboration with them, and we work to improve their ways of life. Our vision of tourism is simple: we put people at the heart of Les Paletuviers experience, and we seek to significantly contribute to the region’s development. For us, involving neighboring villagers to our everyday work is fundamental, and so is the profound respect we have for their cultures and the environment.

How do we do so? We cooperate on a daily basis with the village of Toubacouta, home to Les Paletuviers. 90% of our employees come from the village and its neighborhood. Some have worked with us for nearly 20 years. We also always work in cooperation with local inhabitants to organize excursions in surrounding villages. We appeal to the people of the village to accompany our guests and share their culture, their environment and their lives. Finally we provide our employees and their families the best social benefits to improve their living conditions.

We are also proud to contribute to the welfare of the villagers thanks to our participation in development projects. In 2016, we will support the renovation of Toubacouta’s health center. Our goal is to transform it into a clinic, where doctors will be permanently stationed.